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September 27th, 2015, 1:51 am


Full Disclosure: pages coming out shortly for this comic.
Probs around October 5th if school doesn't beat another one of my eyeballs in (no seriously, got hit by a sucker). If I'm very busy, deadline's gonna be October 10th.


Because of technically technical difficulties, I'm not going to be working on my FanFic at all (or it will go by in a slothful manner). The same should go for Star Missionaries. I'll try to start on THAT in November (or early December). I MIGHT do it earlier if I can, but based on how everything is weighing on me (and distracting me), it might be November.

The reason these deadlines exist is because of concept art, designs, edits, bullshit, school, smash, acnl (pfft), and because we all know that out of those 24 hours in a day, I can only have roughly 14 hours to even stay around my 3DS (no tablet yet, guys).

Also, there's a possible interview coming up, and History and Physics classes are kicking my just doesn't end...

However, I made a tiny jingle to keep my spirits high, and a secret theme song as a bigger surprise. Also Dirpy Comics could just make me smile, and, more importantly, you guys are still here, giving me support in the best way possible: by still believing that I'm gonna get this done. Thank you.


Quick thing: NO, the dialogue WILL change to my liking because who likes scripts. The main plot will stay the same, and many things will stay the same, but for the convenience, I'm shortening everything.

But I'm only changing the style if everyone can agree to it.

I'll come around to reading your thoughts a couple of days after posting this news post.

Also, try to check out my DeviantArt, even though I can't post a link. It's getting there.

Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Fling Poop? Cows? Put it in your comments. I'll try to answer everything I can.

Also,I have no computer for the time being, so...



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